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Google Play Gift Card Free Generator – 2018

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Google Play Gift Card

google play gift card generator

Gift Cards are perfect way to increase balance on your Google Play account. Today we found way how to generate Google Play Gift Card codes for free. To generate your code you have to download this simple application and follow the instuction below. Whole process takes 5 minutes and it’s really easy to do. This tool is daily updated so you don’t need to worry about outdated notworking version. Using this generator is safe – you can be sure that your account won’t be banned. What is more it’s 100% legal.

Features of Google Play Gift Card Generator

  • Generating free gift cards(10-100$)
  • User don’t need to pay for using
  • Works on every version of Android
  • Fast and Easy to use
  • It’s 100% LEGAL and safe – your account will not get banned
  • Virus free – you can see scan below
  • Daily Updates – you don’t need to worry about outdated apk

How to download this Gift Cards Generator?

  1. Click Button “Download Android”
  2. To prevent abusing by BOTS you need to complete simple verification by downloading 2 applications and following the instruction
  3. After completing the verification, application will be downloaded to your device.

How to use Google Play Gift Codes Generator?

  1. Login to your Google Play account
  2. Install the application (don’t need any special permission so it’s safe)
  3. Open the Application
  4. You will see security alert but don’t worry – you downloaded it from so it’s 100% clean
  5. Click button “Connect to Server” and wait untill Status will change to “CONNECTED”
  6. Do config, it’s recommended to check all available options and choose “SQL Injection” method
  7. Click button “GENERATE” and wait untill status will change to “Generated!”
  8. Copy generated code and redeem it in Google Play Store.

Google Play Gift Cards Free

google play gift code generator free virus scan

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